Mastercard Start Path

Co-Innovating to Reshape the Future of Commerce

Mastercard's award-winning global startup engagement program, Start Path, helps the best and brightest later-stage startups scale the future of commerce. Start Path companies have an opportunity to connect to partners in Mastercard’s global ecosystem of banks and merchants as well as technology and digital players to bring innovative solutions to people and businesses around the world, and reimagine the way we live, work and shop. From bridging the digital divide for the next billion mobile users to addressing the needs of the underbanked and beyond, Mastercard helps fintechs accelerate the way they change the world.

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Moeda Seeds: Humanizing finance through blockchain

Moeda Seeds is distributing access to capital by offering blockchain-based digital banking, payments and microcredit services worldwide.

Women founders: Standing up startups

Women make up only 7% of global fintech founders. Eight women founders who are part of Start Path share their tips for getting started, moving forward and staying sane.

LISNR: Transforming commerce with data over audio

LISNR connects online to offline customer journeys globally using ultrasonic data-over-sound technology that enables proximity verification and contactless transactions for merchants, financial service providers and mobility companies.

Cledara: All-in-One SaaS Purchasing and Management

Cledara helps companies manage all their SaaS subscriptions in one place. Through Start Path, Mastercard is helping Cledara scale their business beyond Europe and into the U.S. and Asia.

Lendio: Revolutionizing Small Business Lending, One Loan at a Time

Lendio provides a full-service approach to small business financing, from technology infrastructure for financial institutions to access to growth capital.

It takes a little cash flow to change the world, but banks reject 80% of small business loan applicants, who end up trading their big ideas for ordinary ones because they can’t get the funding they need. Through the Start Path program, Mastercard is working with Lendio to bring resources and its expansive network to empower every business to get the capital they need.


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Finally free of debt, this couple is paying it forward

Kiley and Ty’Lisha Summers created an app that uses digital micropayments to pay down debt and unlock financial opportunities.

Her daughter’s illness inspired this founder to build better health care

“If someone who knows as much about health care as I do couldn’t do it, how can anyone else?” says Kristen Valdes. Her platform integrates all kinds of data and produces health insights to give patients more control over their health.

The power of the one-question customer survey

Georgina Nelson built her startup, TruRating, on the idea that better, more targeted consumer feedback – and more of it – could reap rewards for retailers.

Two brothers (and MBA dropouts) are bridging a gap in AI for banks

A startup they founded in their teens is helping financial institutions meet demands for real-time, personalized experiences and smarter back-end decision-making.

How a fintech founder sought purpose after injustice

Wall Street banker Wole Coaxum left his job to focus on financial services for communities of color. At MoCaFi, he draws a bright line between social justice and economic opportunities.

Microcredit made easy: 4Told FinTech founder brings AI to digital lending for small businesses

The startup is bringing its intelligent lending platform to borrowers, mainly in construction, auto repair and farming, in Colombia, Peru and soon Mexico.

Will ultrasonic payments take contactless to the next level?

LISNR’s data-over-audio technology has the potential to make transactions even more seamless and safer during the pandemic.

Farming Futures: A former financier is building Uber for tractors

Jehiel Oliver is helping make farming once again a sustainable way of life in Africa through Hello Tractor.

Helping kids save money and build financial confidence, $1 at a time

‘You can’t live the dream if you don’t speak the language,” says Tanya Van Court, whose Goalsetter app brings financial literacy to children, particularly children of color.

Point of contact: A tablet might spur confidence in restaurant reopenings

Ziosk, part of Mastercard’s Start Path startup engagement program, is helping rethink the dining experience during COVID-19 recovery and beyond.

May I help you: A digital assistant for small business owners

New Zealand startup Aider has created a digital assistant to help small businesses better track data and deliver insights through AI.