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We’ve always taken a collaborative approach to co-innovation with fintechs. We build with an API and developer-first mindset to make it easy for fintech creators to co-innovate and unleash the vast utility and scale of our network to quickly power new and relevant solutions. Our experience securing multiple payment rails enables fintechs to operate as trusted players in the market. Our qualified technology partners help fintechs build solutions quickly to accelerate growth.

From bridging the digital divide for the next billion mobile users to addressing the needs of the underbanked and beyond, Mastercard helps fintechs accelerate the way they change the world.

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Scaling crypto innovation

Seven startups from around the world seek to champion innovation through the Mastercard Start Path program for crypto and blockchain. 

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helping banks transform payments

Zeta is a banking tech company that provides next-gen credit card processing to banks and fintechs through a modern, cloud-native, and fully API-ready stack.

Moeda Seeds
Humanizing finance through blockchain

Moeda Seeds is distributing access to capital by offering blockchain-based digital banking, payments and microcredit services worldwide.

Thought Machine

Modernzing the bank tech stack

Thought Machine is building the Vault platform, a cloud-native core banking and payments technology enabling banks and fintechs to remain competitive and flourish into the future.

Women founders
Standing up startups

Women make up only 7% of global fintech founders. Eight women founders who are part of Start Path share their tips for getting started, moving forward and staying sane.

Revolutionizing lending

Lendio provides a full-service approach to small business financing, from technology infrastructure for financial institutions to access to growth capital.

Transforming commerce with audio

LISNR connects online to offline customer journeys globally using ultrasonic data-over-sound technology that enables proximity verification and contactless transactions for merchants, financial service providers and mobility companies.

SaaS Purchasing and Management

Cledara helps companies manage all their SaaS subscriptions in one place. Through Start Path, Mastercard is helping Cledara scale their business beyond Europe and into the U.S. and Asia.


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A tale of three unicorns

Mastercard Start Path has supported more than 350 startups from more than 40 countries, and many of these companies have become valued commercial partners. Eleven have achieved unicorn status, with valuations topping $1 billion, and more are  approaching that milestone). These alumni of Mastercard Start Path share the secret sauce behind their billion-dollar businesses. 

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