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Data for good
Mapping hope: How data is helping Ukrainian refugees find new homes in welcoming communities in Poland

Anonymized spending trends and other data helps refugees pinpoint smaller communities where they have a chance to thrive after the upheaval of war.

Data for good
How ‘govtech’ can push the future forward — one community at a time

At Mastercard’s inaugural GovTech Idea summit, 80 leaders discussed how tech and digitization can drive greater efficiencies, enhance transparency and deliver more inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Buy gas with your fingertip? The CEO of Mercedes pay on securing the future of in-car payments

‘We’re working hard to keep giving our customers the most valuable gift: their own time,’ says Nico Kersten.

Data for good
In Mozambique, a virtual assistant powered by data analytics is driving opportunities

Three organizations joined forces to boost the economic resilience of these vulnerable entrepreneurs.

Data for good
She's building the digital rails to go the last mile

On the podcast 'What's Next In,' Mastercard's Tara Nathan discusses Community Pass, a digital infrastructure that enables the delivery of critical services to digitally excluded and underserved populations in India and across Africa.

Data for good
This breast cancer survivor wants to use data and AI to help others beat the odds

Black women are more likely than white women to die of the disease. Dorothy Oteng is studying data science to eliminate biases in health care that may contribute to the disparity.