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A new era of one-click online payments

As a part of our commitment to making digital commerce safer and more accessible for everyone, we’re announcing our goal of achieving 100% tokenization in Europe by 2030.



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June 28, 2023

June 28, 2023

June 8, 2022

May Insights Show Rebound of In-Store Shopping & the ‘Experience Economy’

June 7, 2022

Mastercard is announcing its latest payments feature, Pay by link, led by its European open banking pioneer Aiia

May 17, 2022

True to its commitment to an inclusive work environment, Mastercard Greece has signed the "Diversity Charter"

April 19, 2022 | Sustainability

Mastercard expands the Priceless Planet Coalition’s forest restoration effort

January 31, 2022

Today, Subaio chose European open banking leader, Aiia, a Mastercard company, to enable a smarter way for assessing creditworthiness through Subaio’s new whitelabel offering