TOMRA partners with Mastercard to drive seamless payments for takeaway packaging reuse system

January 24, 2024 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Mastercard and TOMRA have today announced they are introducing digital payment capabilities to make reusing takeaway packaging faster and simpler. Using Mastercard Send, consumers will simply tap their Mastercard and automatically receive their deposit back upon returning reusable packaging.

With around 55 billion takeaway packages used annually in Europe, there is a pressing need to accelerate global reuse efforts and reduce waste through the circular economy. TOMRA’s system addresses this, facilitating the transition from single use to reusable packaging by providing an infrastructure that enables a holistic system for reusable takeaway packaging, making it attractive for takeaway outlets and consumers alike.

The new reuse system launches in Aarhus Municipality on 17 January, enabling consumers to return reusable takeaway cups.

Through this partnership with TOMRA, Mastercard aspires to contribute to accelerating the shift from disposable to reusable packaging, aiming to support the reduction of packaging waste and enhance the circular economy, while simplifying the consumer experience around returning reuseable materials.

Mastercard Send is a near real-time payments platform that allows people to securely send and receive money with speed and flexibility both at home and around the world. Leveraging this technology, customers will now receive the deposit they paid on their takeaway cups, directly back to their card when returning them for reuse at a TOMRA reuse collection point.

"We take pride in our partnership with TOMRA, empowering the reuse system with digital solutions," said Erik Gutwasser, division president of Mastercard Nordics and Baltics. “At Mastercard, we strive to encourage sustainability through innovative partnerships. Our collaboration with TOMRA is focused on enhancing the circular economy, aiming to establish sustainable solutions.”

Geir Saether, senior vice president of Circular Economy in TOMRA, said, “At TOMRA, we aim to redefine consumer opportunities for returning reusable takeaway cups. Our goal is to establish an efficient process for returning reusable packaging and securing swift return of deposits for consumers, thereby contributing to waste reduction by leading the resource revolution. Leveraging Mastercard's expertise in payment solutions is integral to achieving this milestone."

From 17 January, consumers in Aarhus Municipality will have access to the new reuse system. The system will be launched through Aarhus Municipality for a comprehensive three-year trial.

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Karin Strand, Communications Mastercard Nordics & Baltics

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