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It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has the potential to transform … everything. That’s the good news. AI is poised to multiply what industries can do, from finding new cures for diseases to stopping financial fraud before it starts. But AI is powered by data, making information a unique currency deserving of strong safeguards and constant vigilance. The only AI is responsible AI. 


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How AI can shape a human-centric future

Academic and business leaders discussed AI’s impact on education, technology development and the workplace at a summit hosted by Duke Corporate Education and sponsored by Mastercard and Fortune at Mastercard's New York City Tech Hub. 


Inside the world of compromised cards

Math professor Hannah Fry explains how Mastercard is leveraging the power of generative AI to enhance security by doubling the speed at which compromised cards are detected, protecting future transactions from emerging threats. 

Entering the era of empathic AI

Dynamic Yield's Einat Haftel discusses Shopping Muse, the next-gen personal retail assistant revolutionizing how we search for and discover products.

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Mastercard joins U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium to guide national AI standards

The goal of the group will be to research and provide guidance on AI safety issues, which will underpin future standards and policies.

Breaking boundaries: How gen AI transforms canvases, cookbooks and comedy

When we teach artificial intelligence to both understand knowledge and creativity, the words of Albert Einstein resonate loudly: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Two tech optimists on the intersection of data privacy and AI

Mastercard’s Caroline Louveaux and IBM’s Christina Montgomery on the evolving landscape of data privacy, AI regulation and the power of trust.

Davos takeaways: Collaboration and transparency to guide AI, propel sustainability and trust

At the World Economic Forum’s annual summit, leaders sought ways to boost economic resilience and strengthen trust in the digital economy and new technology.

CES 2024: The tech extravaganza doubles down on AI

Artificial intelligence and gen AI in particular is being harnessed in beauty products, cars, e-commerce and to help small businesses thrive.

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New inclusive AI tool to provide personalized, real-time assistance to small business community

Mastercard is in development on a new initiative to support small business owners globally with personalized guidance to help them grow and thrive.

4 ways AI could change how we work — and how we can prepare for that change

By 2030 AI could generate a $13 trillion in additional economic output per year. It could also rewire how business work.

Driving responsible AI: How to set the rules of the road

Generative AI could change how companies operate and innovate. Mastercard leaders share insights on how they’re navigating this future.

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Generative banking: How financial institutions are embracing the new AI

Consumer-facing services like AI-driven financial advisors and conversational banking would take time, but banks are already eyeing generative AI for internal applications.

In the age of AI, how do computers decide what to believe?

Aaron Hunter, the first Mastercard chair in digital trust at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, discusses digital trust, fighting fraud and how to improve diversity in the field.

How fraudsters hook their victims — and how AI can stop them

A new tool can spot payments to scammers before victims lose their money. But breaking the psychological spell, one expert says, is another story.

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Mastercard partners with Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai to foster AI talent

This partnership will empower the next generation of RIT graduates to become leaders in AI and advance both parties’ strategic alliances in the region.

How AI is making payments safer and simpler — and what’s next

Mastercard’s Amyn Dhala helps us better understand how AI is fighting fraud and why explainable AI is the only way forward on the “What’s Next In” podcast.


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