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About Network Enablement Partners

The Network Enablement Partner program is available to all registered Service Providers.

Mastercard defines a Network Enablement Partner (NEP) as a Service Provider that directly engages with Mastercard (instead of leveraging the relationship of an issuer or acquirer) because of the many benefits associated with a direct partnership with Mastercard. Service Providers are the vendors of Mastercard-licensed issuers and acquirers and typically have a fully indirect relationship with Mastercard. NEPs can choose to opt into various tiers of participation, from Basic to Premium, each level providing various products and services to NEPs directly. Benefits range from access to information, ICAs, BINs for testing purposes, and much more. If you have any questions about the Network Enablement Partner program please contact

*This list is provided as a courtesy for the convenience of any entity that may be interested in engaging with an NEP and/or for those issuers and acquirers who need to confirm they are operating with a registered NEP and within Standards. Mastercard will endeavor, from time to time, to update this list. Mastercard provides this list “as is” and expressly disclaims any representation and warranty of any kind, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Mastercard does not make any representation or warranty with respect to the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, sequence of the list, that the list is free of defect, or that the list may be relied on for any reason. Mastercard has no opinion concerning the nature or quality of any service provided by any person or entity on the list.

Any person accessing or using this list, or any part thereof does so at his or her sole risk and, as a condition of such access and/or use, agrees that Mastercard shall have no liability for any loss or injury caused by or alleged to be caused by, in whole or in part, access to and/or use of this list.