Innovating with fintechs to enable more consumer choice

June 27, 2023

Five startups join Mastercard Start Path to accelerate open banking innovation and drive financial inclusion

Open banking – the sharing of consumer-permissioned financial data – is a key driver of financial inclusion, bringing individuals, families and organizations together as a force for good. It’s empowering individuals to use their own financial data to repay loans, access capital and provide more choice in how they pay and get paid. Through open banking, Mastercard is advancing its commitment to connecting one billion people to the digital economy by maximizing technology and partnerships to deliver insights and access to businesses and communities.

Mastercard’s global scale, the power of our trusted network and strong partnerships with innovative fintechs can help expand access to digital financial experiences. To accelerate financial inclusion, Mastercard has handpicked five high-growth open banking startups ripe for collaboration to join its global startup engagement program, Start Path. These fintechs are putting consumers and small businesses at the center of where and how their financial data is used to further access services they want and need.

“Mastercard is committed to partnering across the ecosystem to bring the promise of the digital economy to more people and enable consumer choice,” said Jess Turner, executive vice president, Open Banking and API at Mastercard. “We look forward to collaborating with the fintechs joining Start Path to propel open banking into new areas of banking and finance, and create more opportunities for financial institutions, technology providers and small businesses.”

As an early advocate of open banking, Mastercard is providing a global infrastructure that is catalyzing innovation and creating solutions that meet customers where they are. During the four-month Start Path program, startups will gain exposure to Mastercard’s market-leading open banking technology, data connectivity and analytics offerings. Startups will also gain access to Mastercard’s industry expertise and market insights as well as engage with Mastercard’s ecosystem of banks, merchants, partners and digital players across the globe to deliver and scale open banking solutions.

From leading-edge credit scoring to delivering financial insights through AI, the following fintechs are reaching across industries to embrace open banking and have been selected to join Start Path:

Algoan (France, Spain, United Kingdom): Develops leading-edge credit scoring solutions based on open banking data that enable lenders to make fairer credit decisions.


“Our mission is to empower financial institutions, lenders and businesses to embrace the digital era and unlock their full potential through cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights.”

Michael Diguet, CEO

Blockmate (Slovakia): Connects banking apps and crypto data in an effortless way to create secure, next-gen, consolidated financial solutions.


“Blockmate transforms crypto accounts and services to be accessible through existing open banking infrastructure, enabling billions of retail customers to interact with decentralized finance without leaving their favorite app or service.”

Andrej Coplak, CEO

Dimply (Ireland, United Kingdom): The intelligent customer experience solution for financial enterprises.


“dimply can integrate at speed and leverage data from any available source. Our technology enables any financial services enterprise to better serve their customers with more delightful, resonant, personalized financial experiences.”

Colm McLoughlin, co-founder

FinGoal (United States): Analyzes transaction data on behalf of financial brands to generate customer attributes and next-best actions for consumers and SMEs.


“Consumers and business vote with their wallets. FinGoal uses open banking data to understand what users need next based on where they spend their money and how they make their money.”

David Nohe, CEO

Fuse by Pave (United Kingdom): Applies AI-powered analytics to transactions and open banking data to create deep customer insights for retail banks and lenders.


“We're disrupting the open banking market by providing best-in-class transaction enrichment and customer insights services for award-winning lenders and banks.”

Sho Sugihara, co-founder and CEO

Since 2014, Mastercard has engaged with nearly 360 startups from 43 countries through Start Path. Startups interested in collaborating with Mastercard can apply to the Start Path Open Banking program here.

Media contact: Jen Langione, Mastercard Global Communications, (917) 408-2941,