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Turning price takers to price makers in Africa and India

Mastercard Farm Pass is helping farmers digitize their operations, access new buyers, and secure capital to grow.

‘Making interesting things possible’: This startup has opportunity on speed dial in Africa

Nigeria’s Mono is bringing financial innovation to Africa — and boosting financial inclusion — through open banking.

A startup with a smile

Seymur Rasulov, whose Azeri-based SmilePay is part of Mastercard Start Path’s latest cohort, says facial recognition can transform the financial ecosystem for consumers.

This Nigerian shopkeeper’s advice to female entrepreneurs: Start

In Lagos, Modupeola Lucy Asuku’s store grew in baby steps, nurtured by microloans and access to e-commerce.

In Zimbabwe, a blockchain startup Is taking the bull by the horn

The technology is being used to ensure traceability in supply chains, and smallholder cattle farmers hope it can help jump-start beef exports.

Journey to one billion

In this podcast, we speak to Mastercard experts and business leaders across the Middle East and Africa and around the world who are working together to build a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy that works for everyone, everywhere.

Unlocking a priceless, sustainable future

When it comes to fighting climate change, there is only one way to make a tangible impact: by joining forces. Partnerships are crucial to building a greener future for all. Living and working sustainably is the only way we can protect our planet for generations to come, and everyone must be on board.

Digital transformation means little without leadership

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of an evolving pandemic, digital transformation presents organizations with a historic need for resilient leadership that can turn ideas into action and lead people to a better future with empathy

Expo 2020 Dubai: a historic opportunity to foster a lasting legacy

As the Official Payment Technology Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, Mastercard is leveraging the mega event as a platform to build a more inclusive and connected future.

The EXPO-nential impact of partnership

Now, as Expo 2020 Dubai is upon us, revealing how it is connecting minds and creating the future, the element that really stands out for me, is partnership.

Optimism for the ordinary

With a history of women often feeling they should simply be content with what they have, it is wonderful to see more and more support for women to persevere and pursue the extraordinary, reach for the stars, and achieve the until-now-impossible.

Diversity matters because diversity wins

The pandemic is a watershed moment for gender equality and an African Union report notes the importance of a gendered perspective in the analysis of this multi-dimensional event, to improve outcomes for women, and the wider society that benefits when women contribute.

Driving mobile and card acceptance among informal retailers in South Africa

As long as people are trapped in a cash economy, they are locked out of many economic opportunities in the financial mainstream.