Breaking barriers: Abdel Rahman’s courageous path to the Para Powerlifting World Cup

March 26, 2024

At Mastercard, we are committed to providing everyone with equal opportunities to connect their greatest passions with their fullest potential. Our efforts start with fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, background or physical abilities. This enables us to incorporate diverse perspectives, which are driving forward innovation and creating a balance that reflects the world we live and operate in.

An inspiration among us is our Egyptian colleague Abdel Rahman Abdel Fattah, who made his mark at the 2024 Para Powerlifting World Cup in Sharm El Sheikh by clinching a silver medal. Abdel Rahman’s life took an unexpected turn in 2013 after an accident that left him in a wheelchair. The following years were extremely challenging for him as he focused solely on regaining the ability to stand and walk again. Despite facing setbacks, he showed incredible resilience and determination, pushing himself to pursue education and athletic excellence simultaneously.

Since he got into weightlifting in 2018, Abdel Rahman's passion and dedication have earned him an impressive five university league and seven national titles. In addition, he has harnessed the power of perseverance to accomplish many other dreams – from obtaining a scuba diving license and shining on stage in theatrical performances to becoming a rapper, lending his voice to various events and starring in a heart-warming Ramadan campaign for Banque Misr.

Exemplifying the extraordinary strength of the human spirit, the story of the 26-year-old weightlifting champion is a clear proof that there’s no obstacle that can’t be overcome. We are all proud of Abdel Rahman's journey and wish him a bright future filled with many more sporting achievements.