Partnering to shape tomorrow’s digital cities

October 25, 2023 | By J.K. Khalil
As countries and cities around the world pursue ambitious digital strategies, Mastercard is harnessing the power of our advanced technology to help translate these visions to reality as part of our efforts to drive global digital transformation.

With a 50-year track record of fueling the digital economy, we have been joining forces with governments across the globe to deliver tangible benefits that boost the quality of life for citizens and create opportunities for small businesses to thrive.

We are constantly evolving our payments matrix across through new rails, new assets, and new markets to support all ecosystem players as we power economies and empower people.

In June 2023, we launched a first-of-its-kind digital partnership with Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET). Building on our 35-year legacy in the market, the collaboration will help accelerate the Emirate’s economic growth in line with the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33).

The partnership leverages Mastercard’s digital technologies, network, and data insights, coupled with global best practices, to enhance Dubai's future-readiness. DET will further harness Mastercard’s expertise in facilitating secure and efficient payment transactions to open new international trade opportunities for businesses and expand Dubai’s export capabilities.

The collaboration prioritizes the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), providing them with digital tools, resources, and mentorship to foster innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability.

We are also working together to attract and nurture local and international talent in the digital sector as we look to enable a highly skilled workforce equipped with the necessary capabilities to fuel the city’s digital economy.

Recognizing Dubai as one of the world’s top travel destinations, we are also supporting the growth of the tourism ecosystem by implementing innovative payment solutions and improving experiences for visitors.

The pioneering vision of Dubai’s leadership has created a conducive environment for delivering scalable and inclusive use cases of modern payment rails and interoperability. This aligns with our purpose of powering economies and empowering people, building a sustainable world where everyone prospers.

As Dubai reinforces its position at the forefront of innovation and technology, the digital city partnership will strengthen its reputation as a leading global destination for business, investment, and tourism.

Photo of J.K. Khalil
J.K. Khalil, Country General Manager, MENA East, Mastercard EEMEA