Inspiring the next generation of female leaders to pursue STEM careers

May 31, 2023 | By Beatrice Cornacchia
Mastercard and WIRED Middle East recently joined forces to celebrate women in the tech industry and inspire the next generation of female leaders. In a captivating conversation, Beatrice Cornacchia, executive vice president of Marketing and Communications for Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa at Mastercard, and Shahd Abdelhadi, account management and market development lead at Mastercard and a Girls4Tech champion, shared insights on the cross-functional approach needed to drive tangible change and empower women globally.
During the discussion, Beatrice and Shahd highlighted Mastercard's Girls4Tech initiative, which aims to encourage young girls between 8 and 16 to develop STEM skills. Incorporating real-life and hands-on activities for each concept, Mastercard employees serve as role models and mentors, delivering an interactive signature curriculum that also showcases the company’s in-depth expertise in technology and innovation.
The Girls4Tech program covers a wide range of topics such as encryption, fraud detection, data analysis, digital convergence, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence, providing girls with an opportunity to explore different STEM professions. The conversation emphasized the importance of brands taking responsibility to empower women to pursue careers in STEM and instill leadership values in them to make a positive impact.
Mastercard recognizes that women play a crucial role in driving growth, innovation, and social progress in society. The Girls4Tech program is just one way the company is working towards unlocking the full potential of the female economy and inspiring the next generation of female leaders.
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Photo of Beatrice Cornacchia
Beatrice Cornacchia, Senior vice president, Marketing & Communications, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa