Johan Gerber
Executive Vice President, Security and Cyber Innovation


Johan Gerber is executive vice president of Security and Cyber Innovation at Mastercard and a member of the company's Management Committee. He oversees Mastercard’s product and solution strategies for cybersecurity, financial crime, online credential management and dispute resolution. These include overseeing the operations of several acquired businesses by Mastercard, including Ciphertrace, Ethoca and RiskRecon.   

Johan serves on Mastercard’s Cyber and Intelligence Leadership Team with responsibility for the strategy and vision of our cybersecurity business. As our customers and stakeholders around the world face increasingly challenging cyber threats, Johan is focused on identifying evolving cybersecurity risks and supporting our customers with targeted solutions to protect themselves from attack. 

Since joining Mastercard in 2000, Johan has held critical roles across multiple business areas, such as franchise, identity, AI, and network management, giving him deep experience of the organization.  In these roles he spearheaded customer-focused innovations, like embedding artificial intelligence into Mastercard’s network and enabling real-time decisioning across transactions globally, which enhance Mastercard's security capabilities and expand our services strategy. He also serves on the board of directors for several Mastercard entities including Mastercard Ireland, Brighterion, NuData and Ethoca.  

Johan holds qualifications in criminal justice, forensic auditing and police administration.  Prior to joining Mastercard, he was a member of the South African Police Services for 10 years where he specialized in organized crime investigations as well as internal investigations of financial crimes.