Mastercard launches mobile virtual card app to simplify travel and business expenses

April 18, 2024 | Purchase, NY

HSBC and Westpac to unlock the convenience, security and efficiency of tap to pay transactions  

Mastercard announced a new mobile virtual card app that enables virtual commercial cards to be seamlessly added to digital wallets. The innovative app is designed to offer financial institutions more choice in how they deliver the secure and sustainable contactless payment solutions that companies increasingly expect.  

For over a decade, Mastercard has pioneered virtual card solutions to simplify tedious expense report and reconciliation processes for employees, contractors, recruits, and consultants who often use personal cards or cash for reimbursable business expenses. As companies navigate changing payment preferences particularly from the entry-level workforce – with over two-thirds of millennials having adopted digital wallets1 – mobile technology is unlocking the next frontier of convenient contactless payments.   

“Businesses worldwide are seeking fast and secure payment experiences, where payments can be made with just a click or tap, and finance teams can experience automatic reconciliation,” said Chad Wallace, global head of Commercial Solutions, Mastercard. “With today’s launch, we’re providing innovative tech that digitizes business and travel expenses, while also empowering businesses with more control of and visibility into their finances.”  

The app leverages Mastercard’s innovative virtual card and tokenization platforms, enhanced data, and robust spend controls all within one easy-to-use interface. Accessing Mastercard mobile virtual cards is made seamless through the app so users can quickly experience the benefits of tap to pay. Mastercard mobile virtual cards can be used by organizations spanning a range of sizes and industries – including healthcare, insurance, fleet, higher education, and corporate travel.  

Key capabilities and benefits of Mastercard’s mobile virtual card app include:  

  • Increased security: The app offers the ability to set up a biometric authentication and an added security measure using a PIN to view card details. Each virtual card is also tokenized, enabling the cardholder’s sensitive data to be replaced by a unique card number so sensitive account details are not exposed.  
  • Robust spend controls: Organizations can confidently stay compliant with expense policies using Mastercard’s transaction-level controls, which limit how, where, and when a mobile virtual card can be used. 
  • Flexible integrations: Financial institutions can quickly get to market through Mastercard’s user interface or flexible API-based integrations, and offer unique features such as customized card art.  
  • Holistic and seamless payment experience: The app provides a single interface to check the status of card balances and view pending and completed transactions, and is bank-agnostic, enabling users to access and manage virtual commercial cards issued by multiple participating financial institutions.  
  • Real-time and enhanced data: For each mobile virtual card created, custom data elements are automatically captured and matched to the transaction, providing organizations with increased insights into spending and automatic reconciliation to optimize back-office processes. 


HSBC Australia and Westpac will be the first financial institutions to offer organizations and corporate customers mobile wallet functionality through the Mastercard app.   

“We’re pleased to partner with Mastercard to bring mobile wallet virtual cards to our Australian corporate clients, providing them with a smarter, safer, and faster way to pay,” said John Scott, Head of Global Payments, HSBC Australia. “Mobile wallet usage is growing, with the Asia-Pacific region accounting for over half of the digital payment transactions globally2. As contactless payments continue to surge, it’s important that corporate clients have access to best-in-class payment solutions to keep their business secure and take advantage of the increased efficiency offered by the latest technologies. HSBC has a history of delivering innovative digital solutions to our corporate clients, and we’re proud to add to that legacy with the launch of mobile wallet virtual cards in Australia. We plan to launch in other markets later this year.” 

“Westpac is pleased to be one of the first domestic banks in Australia to offer the new Mastercard mobile virtual card app to our corporate and commercial customers in addition to our existing virtual card capabilities. The global payments market is at an inflection point and the mobile wallet solution, combining digital innovation, real time processing and security through robust controls is another way we’re helping our customers,” said Jeff Byrne, Managing Director of Global Transaction Services at Westpac Institutional Bank. 

The app will be available in other key markets for users with a commercial virtual card issued through an organization by a participating financial institution. Once registered for the app with an invitation code, users will find their commercial virtual cards automatically linked and ready to be added to select digital wallets for use across Mastercard’s trusted global network.  

For more information on other ways Mastercard is simplifying commercial payments, click here.  



1 PYMNTS Research: “Mobile Wallet Challenge: Replacing Physical With Digital,” (April 2023) 

2 “Global Mobile Payment Methods 2024 Report” (January 2024) 


Mastercard In Control Pay app and features are available only for eligible virtual card accounts issued by the financial institution. Prepaid Cards and Consumer Cards are not eligible. The virtual card(s) are not issued by Mastercard and is (are) subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant issuer. 

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