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Find the Mastercard symbol, along with images, graphics, video, card art and more.


Mastercard Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are a safe no-touch way to pay. Learn more about this and our commitment to cardholders and the community:

Mastercard Peace of Mind

As a Mastercard cardholder, have peace of mind knowing you are always protected against unauthorized purchases with Mastercard ID Theft Protection and Zero Liability.

Sensory Brand


Taste of Priceless


Sonic Brand

Sonic Brand - Master Soundscape

Mastercard debuts its sonic brand identity, a comprehensive sound architecture that signifies the latest advancement for the brand.

Sonic Brand - Acceptance

The Mastercard melody is the foundation of the company’s sound architecture and will extend to many assets, from musical scores, sound logos and ringtones, to hold music and point-of-sale acceptance sounds. 

Sonic Brand - Coffee Shop

Wherever consumers engage with Mastercard across the globe – be it physical, digital or voice environments - the distinct and memorable Mastercard melody will provide simple, seamless familiarity.