Celebrating BRIT Awards, Music Sparks Start Something Priceless

February 21, 2018 | By Jennifer Stalzer

To celebrate a long-term passion and commitment to music through 20 years as the headline sponsor of BRIT Awards, Mastercard created ‘The Listening Room’, a unique environment to bring people together through the power of music. David Arnold, Grammy award-winning, British music producer, has composed what is set to be one of the most emotional pieces of music in the world, designed to help rebuild broken relationships. The effort marks the latest iteration in Mastercard’s Start Something Priceless campaign, which is designed to inspire people to pursue a passion and transform small moments into amazing memories. Read the full press release.

Nicola Grant, head of marketing and communications at Mastercard UK and Ireland said: “The Listening Room shows how music has the power to move us, inspire us and most importantly, bring us together and start a conversation when it’s most needed. We set out to truly start something priceless – a new beginning between two people who have stopped speaking. As we celebrate 20 years of sponsoring The BRITs, it feels like the perfect way to celebrate the profound effect music can have on us.”

More information about Start Something Priceless including additional press releases, videos and photos can be found in our digital press kit.

Jennifer Stalzer

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