In Atlanta, making sure a massive public transit investment benefits everyone

November 25, 2020

Transportation isn’t just about getting from point A to point B. Access to public transportation can determine where you can afford to live, work and build your life. In this episode of the Mastercard podcast “Fortune Favors the Bold,” host Ashley C. Ford talks to self-proclaimed transit nerd Shayna Pollock of the nonprofit Central Atlanta Progress and Kevin Bacon, an urban designer with Atlanta City Studios, about how to channel the city’s massive commitment to public transportation in ways that benefit everyone.

“There’s a wide recognition that transit is the future,” Pollock says. “It’s also a time for us, in my opinion, to think about where we’re making investment. There are always more needs than money, and we need to ensure we make those investments in a smart way to serve how the community is going to grow.”

How can Atlanta ensure that the city remains a comfortable, affordable and accessible place to live and work? Find out more:


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