'Inside the Circles' podcast: How to cultivate authentic leadership

March 31, 2021 | By Anthony Venutolo

What does it mean to support women at work? It’s more than just clearing a path for a few to the C-suite. It’s about creating a culture where womens' perspectives are valued and where their needs are met.

In the latest episode of "Inside the Circles,” Mastercard’s podcast about the future of work and the topics of now, host Latoya Bennett-Johnson chats with London-based Ronel Lundall, an executive vice president for customer delivery for Mastercard’s New Payments Platforms business, and Dublin-based Amy Neale, a senior vice president who leads global initiatives for fintechs.

“It isn’t just about fueling the pipeline of the next leaders,” Neale says. “It’s about changing systems, changing processes,” she adds, citing Mastercard’s extension of paid leave for newborns and newly-adopted children to any parent, regardless of gender. “It’s not a mother’s policy. It’s a parental policy. Now we all have to think about how to maintain the business after a baby is born.”

They discuss their personal career journeys, the need for authenticity in leadership, and the role of mentorship in corporate life, both as mentors and mentees. “I’ve learned to listen better,” Lundall says, “and I always walk away from a session with a mentee having learned something.”

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Anthony Venutolo, Manager, Global Communications