5G will bring dramatic innovation across the economy, far beyond telecommunications. The ability to share vast amounts of data in the blink of an eye will transform industries and the way they engage with people and businesses. Here are some of the ways we live, learn and work may be transformed:


Financial Services

Enhanced consumer digital experiences at bank branches. Contextual, digitization and proliferation of bank and payment services via open banking.


Continued integration of digital experiences with physical infrastructure. Invisible payment experiences that change the POI.

Media and Entertainment

Always on consumer access to robust, mobile digital gaming and streaming experiences. Outdoor festivals and venues transformed through innovations like personalized camera angles.


Wearable devices and environmental sensors combined with telehealth services provide remote health monitoring and alerts. Continued development of remote and robotic surgical procedures.


Immersive learning with AR and VR, smart classroom IOT for immediate feedback and better teaching tools, improved flexibility for remote learning and global, academic collaboration.

Smart Cities

Improved government services, such as enhanced urban planning, logistics and maintenance resulting in less commuter congestion and greater efficiency.


Machine-to-machine communication among vehicles, including fleet monitoring and even automation at scale. Provenance and other supply chain management solutions leverage low-power sensors on packages, containers and vehicles.


Sensors monitor climate, livestock, crop and market conditions to help maximize productivity and output.


Intelligent sensors and enhanced insights provide visibility allowing for predictive maintenance, supply chain resilience and mass customization.