Why 5G isn’t just about the tech

March 1, 2021 | By Michael Miebach

As 5G accelerates the next wave of innovation, drives AI, blockchain and IoT and crafts new horizons of communication and moving information faster than ever before, all I can think about is Fibonacci and his fascinating sequence. 

The 5 in 5G is not a serial number, it is not the incremental one digit that follows 4G, it is a power series of transformative innovations that we will see, feel and benefit from. 

Tooling our devices to become more predictive and automated and evolving commerce to give people the freedom to access their essential data from just about anywhere is beyond wanted, it is needed. 

If anything, 2020 has shown us the deep need for connectivity and trust that technology will work for us beyond the confines of our walls. As we go on, that need and desire will only increase and with it will increase the responsibility to make the 5G possibilities safe, effective and ubiquitous -- for it to make a difference that goes beyond moving from 4 to 5.  

It’s a difference that would take our world to inclusion and its exponential benefits: The benefits of providing reliable connectivity for the small business owner, relying solely on her phone for internet access, the student looking to finish his thesis online to graduate on time and the underserved communities striving to expand their job opportunities. 

That responsibility to help all people benefit from the coming changes, while also rigorously protecting privacy and security, sits in our hands. Technologists and business leaders must ensure this technology is implemented the right way, using transparent user data protections and relentless work to include more people in this innovation.  

How many more? How many people does it take to make 5G a truly impactful technology and far more inclusive than 4G? 

7.7 billion. 

Photo of Michael Miebach
Michael Miebach, CEO