Would you support a brand without purpose?

September 30, 2020 | By Raja Rajamannar

The Topline

Today’s consumers are backing the brands they trust and backing away from the rest. It’s not just what a business does that matters, but how it does it — and why.

The Tidbit

Sustainability is a key ingredient to building and maintaining that trust. That means more than just caring for the environment -- it means working to build a more equitable, resilient world.

The Fundamentals

For the good of our business and the good of the world around us, at Mastercard we’re focusing on four key areas: inclusive growth, environmental stewardship, people and culture, and ethical and responsible standards.

My Take

  • The only sustainable growth is inclusive growth. Working hard to level the playing field helps unlock opportunity for everyone, everywhere.
  • To realize long-term growth, businesses need a thriving world to thrive. Taking dramatic action to heal our damaged planet and climate should be a priority for all companies – it is the only sustainable way forward.
  • We must ensure our workforce feels welcomed, supported and heard in order to live up to our own promises. Well-cared-for employees also make the most authentic brand ambassadors.
  • Operating ethically is mandatory in our increasingly connected world. Conducting business responsibly and transparently is mandatory. Building ethical brands can help encourage a thriving global citizenry.


Long Story Short

Conscious consumers have created a demanding marketplace where brand trust is critical to business success. To earn and keep that trust, we must champion sustainability and ethics in everything we do.

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