How can brands foster optimism in troubled times?

August 31, 2020 | By Raja Rajamannar

The Topline

Successful marketing was once a matter of making products desirable by moving consumers with positive feelings about the future. Now, marketers are charged with providing much more: social leadership, solidarity and being a force for good. These are positive opportunities. But lately, optimism is hard to come by.

The Tidbit

To inspire a positive response in the marketplace, we must first inspire optimism in the world around us.

The Balancing Act

Glossing over massive global challenges never fools consumers, so we acknowledge the hardships they cause. But for economies and societies to move forward, we must also kindle optimism by stepping up and doing good.

My Take

  • As leaders, we build optimism by supporting and inspiring our workforce. When all our people feel safe, welcome and valued, they do their best work for customers and clients and act as our strongest ambassadors.
  • As companies, we reimagine what our products and services can do to help solve today’s problems. We identify the opportunities and build creative solutions that work. Not just because it’s good for business, but because it’s good for us all.
  • As brands, we step up to support the social causes we believe in through organizations and philanthropies that make a difference. We align our brands with our passions, which is impactful for society and in the marketplace.
  • Words matter, but they are far from enough. We back them with meaningful, positive actions. We share the work we’re doing and the difference we’re making. This helps break the cycle of negativity and earns consumers’ trust.

Long Story Short

Marketing is an exercise in optimism and we need it most when it seems out of reach. By working hard to foster positivity, we earn consumers’ trust and do well by doing good.

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