Unlocking sustainable, inclusive growth

This fifth annual study of 65 economies shows targeted support for women and women entrepreneurs is critical to economic recovery worldwide


of women who lost jobs during COVID-19 did not return to work


of women-led firms have been strongly impacted by the pandemic


of women-owned businesses with credit needs are either unserved or underserved

Across the entrepreneurial landscape, women are one of the global economy’s most valuable assets. However, the contribution of women to the wider economy is significantly underrepresented in reports and indices on startups and economic conditions.

Gaining a deep understanding of the often-overlooked economic potential of women is an important academic exercise with tangible global economic importance. Not only are women founded businesses shown to deliver a higher return to investors, but catalyzing the entrepreneurship of women could add as much as 6%, or US$5 trillion, to the global economy.

Understanding and celebrating the achievements and entrepreneurial potential of women in order to unleash their economic power will be central to a sustained and meaningful recovery from the pandemic and beyond.

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