Credential on file: The digital commerce growth engine
August 5, 2020

A new global survey shows that 74% of consumers are saving their card details with a merchant.

What factors are influencing their behavior? 

As consumers continue to embrace digital commerce, they are increasingly comfortable storing their card information online with a merchant to make their shopping experiences seamless, fast and convenient.

To better understand consumer online shopping behaviors and what prompts them to save their Credential on File, Mastercard partnered with Ipsos to survey e-commerce consumers across 10 markets, which revealed that globally, 74% percent of consumers currently have their card details saved, and 9% are open to saving them. 


Our white paper, “Credential on file: the digital commerce growth engine,”  looks at the factors consumers consider when storing their card information, how it improves their shopping experience, and why they might change their default digital commerce card.