With Taxi Tuesdays™ and Fareback Fridays™, Mastercard Makes Commuting Easy This Holiday Season in New York City

December 9, 2019 | New York City | By Elizabeth Cozine
Cardholders who Tap & Go ® with their Mastercard can receive up to $10 in refunds with Taxi Tuesdays™ and $5.50 with Fareback Fridays™ through New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

With the holidays in full swing, commuters in New York City are somehow even more on-the-move, whether it be to go shopping or head out to meet friends and family. And with New Year’s Eve around the corner, many people have already begun planning for the holiday, keeping in mind that it is one of the busiest days of the year.

To encourage holiday cheer and make travel around the city slightly more enjoyable, Mastercard is running two programs for cardholders – Taxi Tuesdays™ and Fareback Fridays™ – which will offer refunds on taxi fares and subway rides for those traveling around the city.

Every Tuesday through New Year’s Eve and including New Year’s Day, Mastercard will refund cardholders who tap-and-go up to $10 off a day of their yellow or green taxis that are equipped with Curb Mobility or CMT Group technology systems. On Fridays, Mastercard will refund cardholders who tap-and-go for their subway ride up to $5.50 against their travel costs for two single-fare subway rides. This offer will extend to New Year’s Day with its Fareback Eve promotion.  

These promotions further demonstrate Mastercard’s commitment to driving consumer adoption of contactless habits. Tap-and-go payments offer a quick and efficient customer experience that meets evolving consumer demands for simpler, faster, and more secure ways to pay. In working with partners across transit and retail, Mastercard is making everyday spending on commuting and shopping seamless and safe.

“Contactless technology is making every-day purchases faster and easier, while maintaining the highest level of security,” said Linda Kirkpatrick, executive vice president, U.S. Merchants and Acceptance at Mastercard. “Mastercard programs like Fareback Fridays and Taxi Tuesdays are allowing consumers to receive terrific offers while benefitting from the ‘tap-and-go’ experience.”

Cardholders should look for a Wi-Fi style logo on the front or back of their credit or debit cards to determine whether they have tap-and-go capability. Even without this symbol on their cards, Mastercard cardholders can add their debit or credit card to their mobile wallets on their contactless-enabled devices to tap and pay at the turnstile, or at merchants who accept these payments.

Refunds from the Taxi Tuesdays and Fareback Fridays promotions will take up to 28 business days from the end of each Promotional Period to appear on the Mastercard cardholder’s account statement. All qualifying trips must be paid for using either a valid contactless credit or debit Mastercard or a valid Mastercard credit or debit card through a contactless-enabled device.

To learn more, visit Taxi Tuesdays and Fareback Fridays on Mastercard’s Offers & Promotions page.

Elizabeth Cozine