Mastercard Shines Light on League of Legends Community with Gamer Content Series

August 28, 2019 | By Macy Salama

Mastercard is introducing “Together, Start Something Priceless,” a League of Legends community-driven content series showcasing unique stories of LoL players around the world who are positively impacting the community — an effort that aims to both celebrate outstanding individuals and shine a light on the real people and personalities behind the growing esports and gaming industry.

Together with MOFILM, a leader in crowdsourcing and social content development, Mastercard has identified five League of Legends players from around the world — including the United States, Germany, China, France and Brazil — and will be sharing their inspiring stories on social media over the next six months. The first film tells the story of professional esports competitor Stephen Ellis (a.k.a. Snoopeh), now founder & CEO of Pipeline streaming consultants, and how he has combined his passion for LoL with an entrepreneurial spirit to help other players turn their love of the sport into a career. Future stories will highlight the LoL community; players who have overcome life obstacles with the help of LoL unlocking their full potential and showcase the game's ever-evolving community of diverse trailblazers.

All films will be unveiled on the new @MastercardNexus Twitter channel, while Mastercard’s YouTube channel will serve as a library for all the films. Be a part of the conversation by following #TogetherWeAdvance on social. 

Macy Salama