Mastercard Receives Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Privacy Certification

June 3, 2019 | By Derek Ho

Today, we’re excited to announce that Mastercard has received certifications under the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules system and the Privacy Recognition for Processors system. Mastercard is now one of the few companies that have both implemented Binding Corporate Rules approved by the EU data protection authorities, and achieved the APEC certifications.

"Mastercard's APEC privacy certifications are a significant external recognition of the company's data privacy leadership as an accountable and trusted organization,” said Bojana Bellamy, president of the global privacy think tank Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL).  “Mastercard also demonstrates how the leading global companies can build and implement comprehensive privacy program and controls that work both in the APEC and the EU.”

Designed to help build trust in the data ecosystem and help companies identify qualified and accountable service providers, the certifications demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to protecting the privacy and data integrity of our partners and cardholders.

In order to obtain the certifications, companies must have privacy policies and practices that are consistent with the APEC Privacy Framework. Mastercard’s privacy practices were reviewed and certified as compliant with the CBPR and PRP program requirements by TRUSTe, an APEC approved accountability agent in the United States.

“Privacy and data protection are at the core of our business and embedded into the design of all our products and services,” said Caroline Louveaux, Mastercard’s chief privacy officer.  “Our APEC certifications will serve as another confidence driver for our partners.”

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Derek Ho