Press Release

Mastercard statement on Findex Findings

June 29, 2022

Mastercard is encouraged to see the World Bank confirm the significant progress that has been made toward greater financial inclusion around the world as millions of people are now included in the financial system and can take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. The growth of mobile and digital technology has presented the private sector with a tremendous opportunity to connect people to necessary financial tools and networks. And the latest Findex findings showcase the progress that is possible when innovation from the private sector is levered alongside the reach of the public sector.  A true testament to the power of public – private partnership. But there is much more to be done.

The Findex Report findings also put a spotlight on the areas that need our greatest and urgent attention. Together we can harness technological advances to benefit everyone, from digitizing government payments, private sector wages and agricultural payments to advancing gender equity around the world. That means looking beyond inclusion toward financial security and ultimately long-term financial health – prosperity for all.

As the digital economy progresses, it is both our business strategy and our social responsibility to ensure that people and organizations have access to the networks, tools and solutions that can help them reach their potential and achieve financial security and ultimately long-term financial health. That’s why we’re leaning into our trusted network to partner with all players in the ecosystem – public sector, private sector and civil society – to embrace our shared role as positive enablers of growth and ensure an inclusive and sustainable digital economy.


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