Mastercard unveils next-generation virtual card solution for instant B2B payments

January 20, 2022
  • Mastercard Track Instant Pay uses machine learning and straight-through processing to analyze and automatically initiate instant payment of supplier invoices
  • The new, first-of-its-kind virtual card solution is integrated with Mastercard Track Business Payment Service to deliver greater choice, faster payments and improved efficiency for buyers and suppliers

Mastercard today announced the launch of Mastercard TrackTM  Instant Pay, a next-generation virtual card solution that uses machine learning and straight-through processing to enable instant payment of supplier invoices. Integrated with Mastercard Track Business Payment Service, Mastercard’s open-loop B2B network, the new, first-of-its-kind virtual card solution delivers greater choice, efficiency and automation for buyers and suppliers to help streamline and speed business payments.

Slow and inefficient payment processes continue to create challenges for businesses. Lengthy payment terms and late invoice payments impact cash flow for suppliers, while manual invoice approval and check processing is costly and time consuming for buyers. Other payment methods, like ACH, require buyers to safeguard sensitive bank account information, adding another layer of complexity. Research shows a growing demand from businesses to automate supplier payments with virtual cards, but existing solutions aren’t meeting these needs, with 90% of virtual card transactions still being processed manually1.

Mastercard Track Instant Pay is the first virtual card solution that can safely and intelligently authorize an immediate payment to a supplier once they submit an invoice. The solution uses sophisticated machine learning to analyze invoices and identify those likely to be rejected, enabling the rest to be authorized for payment on the same day they’re received.  Using straight-through processing, digital payments are sent directly and securely to a supplier’s bank account via a Mastercard virtual card, with no manual intervention required.  

“Delayed payments create significant challenges for businesses financially and operationally, especially in today’s environment,” said Ron Shultz, executive vice president, New Payment Flows, North America at Mastercard. “Track Instant Pay helps solve these pain points by enabling buyers and suppliers to automate their manual payment processes, unlocking valuable time, working capital and choice. This innovative new solution is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to support multiple payment rails and mission to modernize B2B payments.”

Mastercard Track Instant Pay combines machine learning capabilities from Previse, an artificial intelligence and data science company, with Mastercard’s core commercial solutions and global payment network to transform how businesses send and receive payments. The solution is part of Mastercard’s comprehensive suite of B2B products and services designed to reduce complexity and risk, cut costs, and automate processes for businesses around the world.

Key benefits of Mastercard Track Instant Pay include:

  • Suppliers: By accelerating payments, Mastercard Track Instant Pay helps suppliers improve cash flow and unlock working capital so they can reinvest in their business. Instant payments eliminate costs associated with chasing collections on outstanding invoices, and rich remittance information is provided with each payment, simplifying reconciliation.
  • Buyers: With Mastercard Track Instant Pay, buyers can grow revenue by increasing acceptance and converting costly check and ACH payments to rebate-generating virtual cards. Automating manual processes helps lower costs, accelerate payments, and remove friction to improve business relationships. Buyers can manage their working capital more efficiently using the credit line tied to their commercial card account; while unique, dynamically generated virtual account numbers with layers of controls provide enhanced security for supplier payments.
  • Issuers: Mastercard Track Instant Pay can help issuers grow and extend the reach of their virtual card programs to meet increasing demand and gain a competitive advantage.

Mastercard Track Instant Pay is available in the United States with plans for international expansion, as Mastercard continues to onboard partners as part of its mission to modernize business payments. For more information, please click here.


[1] Source: Mercator Advisory Group, 2021

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