News Brief

Welcome to the Mastercard Trust Center: Cybersecurity Solutions and Advice for Small and Medium Businesses

January 11, 2021 | By Paul Trueman

Small businesses are the backbone of economic growth. The needs of small businesses have not changed during the pandemic, but they have grown more acute. With cyberattacks on the rise, small businesses are a huge target. The fact is, 67% of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack, according to 2019 Keeper Security survey, and COVID-19 appears to have intensified this problem: The FBI reports that cybercrime reports have quadrupled during the pandemic.

Quite often cybersecurity is an afterthought for many small businesses. Many do not have the resources of larger organizations to defend themselves and act once breached. And it’s often difficult to recognize that improving the cybersecurity of one’s business is within one’s control.

Our goal is to change that. This is why we created the Mastercard Trust Center — to help small businesses defend their most important assets – their business and their reputation, through free online access to trusted cybersecurity research, education, resources and tools.

Our Cyber & Intelligence team has been working with small businesses for years, and the Trust Center is the culmination of such work and partnerships. Each business has unique needs, so the Trust Center provides a tailor-made approach, whether entrepreneurs are starting to learn about cybersecurity, expanding their knowledge or mastering cyber. No matter where they are on their cybersecurity journey, we have the tools and solutions to help.

It's our mission to bring the Mastercard Trust Center to every small business, everywhere, enabling owners to feel more secure and better equipped to thrive against uncertainties.


Paul Trueman, Senior Vice President, Product Advancement, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, Mastercard