Opening doors to the future of commerce

June 5, 2024

Mastercard Start Path Emerging Fintech program welcomes seven startups that are building resistant cyber operations, empowering fashion brands, providing tools for influencer marketing and beyond 

Seven startups have been selected for the Mastercard Start Path Emerging Fintech program to scale solutions that redefine sustainable fashion through loyalty solutions, simplify healthcare payments and more. The startups hail from six countries around the world and share a mission to connect and power an inclusive digital economy, redefining the financial services landscape. 

Mastercard believes in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive the future of commerce. The startups joining Start Path will bring fresh perspectives and cutting-edge solutions to the forefront, fostering a culture of mutual growth and learning. The startups will have the opportunity to access a combination of hands-on mentoring, innovation opportunities and engagement with Mastercard’s global network of banks, merchants, partners and digital players to help scale their business.   

The latest cohort includes a dynamic mix of innovators addressing critical challenges and opportunities across the fintech ecosystem: 

Bicycle (U.S.): Analyzes merchant operational data to identify revenue-critical issues and opportunities and recommend swift, precise actions around the clock 


“Fintech companies are continually dealing with highly dimensional data and money movement but few real-time actionable insights on key dimensions,” says Bhaskar Sunkara, CEO of Bicycle. “Our vision is to get from data to insights to action 10x faster, unlocking enormous value for fintech business and technology leaders.”

HyprEdge (U.S.): Unifies collaboration across software tools and builds resilient cyber operations with secure no-code automation   


“HyprEdge aims to elevate automation and transform an organization to become digital first with secure and resilient operations that drive sustainable growth,” says Sumant Vashisth, CEO of HyprEdge. “Our vision is for organizations to readily adapt by integrating technologies that deliver on their customer outcomes, enables constant learning from all their digital data, and expands their solutions.”

Kipp (Israel): Connects issuers and merchants to authorize more card payments, leading to higher approval rates and new revenue streams


“Every time a customer uses their card, both the merchant and card issuer play a crucial role,” says Chanan Lavi, co-founder and CEO of Kipp. “Kipp connects them to share transaction data, leading to more successfully completed payments and new revenue streams for both parties.”

Nippy (Argentina): Offers the first gig worker tech platform with exclusive benefits and services for gig workers across digital platforms 


"We look to create new financial opportunities for independent workers, based on fundamental pillars such as data portability, inclusion and intelligent use of data," says Diego Amondaray, co-founder and CEO of Nippy. “This facilitates access to fairer and more personalized financial services, while empowering gig economy workers with the necessary tools to better manage their finances and ensure their economic well-being."

Reflaunt (Portugal): Empowers fashion brands with the technological and operational infrastructure to grow their business through circularity and resale 


“In a shifting landscape where first-hand and second-hand clothing is merging, resale has paved the way for a novel approach to fashion consumption: leasing,” says Stephanie Crespin, founder and CEO of Reflaunt. “Reflaunt rewards sustainable consumption, allowing customers to unlock reduced prices on first-hand purchases, capturing additional value for any item given a second life.”

Volo Health (India): Simplifies healthcare access and payments through an innovative all-in-one Payvider platform solution


"Recognizing the imperative to close gaps in healthcare services, network access, and financial solutions, we developed the Payvider solution," says Suresh Babu M, co-founder and CEO of Volo Health. "By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim to address these critical challenges and revolutionize the healthcare ecosystem by offering seamless financing and payment solutions, coupled with integrated administrative capabilities, powered by AI and ML, to enhance the overall experience for patients, providers, insurers, and corporations."

Wowzi (Kenya): Bridges the gap between creators and brands with data-driven matching and tools for successful influencer marketing campaigns 


"We're entering the fintech space to empower creators and give them more control over their finances by introducing in-app wallets,” says Mike Otieno, co-founder and president of Wowzi. “As an all-in-one platform for creators, Wowzi fosters a creator economy where financial wellbeing is just as important as creativity and connection."

Mastercard has supported more than 400 startups from 54 countries through the Start Path program, many of which have gone on to enter public markets, achieve unicorn status, and establish extended commercial engagements with Mastercard and its customers.  

The Start Path Emerging Fintech program is open to startups that are rethinking banking, payments and commerce and have already raised Seed or Series A capital. Interested startups can apply here

Media contact: Jen Langione, Mastercard Global Communications, (917) 408-2941,