Behind - and beyond - the transaction

May 2, 2022

The pandemic accelerated the growth of the digital economy, with governments and companies large and small showing tremendous agility in applying the benefits of technology and data science to keep our communities moving forward.

From the embrace of e-commerce to the growth of contactless payments and curbside pickup, the innovations that fueled us during the height of the pandemic and beyond were only possible because of Mastercard’s deep investments in technology and valuable partnerships across the ecosystem, both with traditional financial institutions and fintech up-and-comers.

These innovations are underpinned by our resilient and secure network and bolstered by services that bring personalized experiences and more peace of mind to consumers and businesses. Whether buying online or in person, it has never been easier to safely shop for the products and services we all need.

Mastercard has been working to bring more choice to payments — whether people want to pay on card, through their bank account, or with digital currencies — and to deliver innovative solutions that extend beyond the card. We are also working tirelessly to ensure our financial system is inclusive, so that everyone, everywhere can take part in — and reap the rewards of — the digital economy.