‘Inside the Circles’ podcast: What In Solidarity really means

February 16, 2022 | By Siobhan Stewart

An inclusive workplace that champions positive social impact inside and outside of its walls is not a nice-to-have — it’s a necessity, says Mastercard’s Chief Inclusion Officer Randall Tucker.

In the latest episode of “Inside the Circles,” Mastercard’s podcast about the future of work and the topics of now, host Latoya Bennett-Johnson sits down with Tucker to discuss his career journey, Mastercard’s In Solidarity commitment to helping close the racial wealth gap, and the genesis of the initiative following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers in 2020.

Floyd’s death sent shock waves throughout the U.S. and beyond, and the protest movement for racial equality that arose in its wake led companies to reevaluate how to better serve the Black community.
At Mastercard, Tucker says he and other executives worked urgently to develop a genuine and thoughtful plan of action that would have lasting impact.

“How do we keep it going?,” he asks. “We have to make good on those commitments that we made over those next five years.”

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Siobhan Stewart, Specialist, Communications