How will AI disrupt marketing?

April 15, 2021 | By Raja Rajamannar

The Topline

In every facet of our lives, we produce vast amounts of data. While we’ve gotten great at capturing all of that information, we are only beginning to realize its enormous potential. Artificial intelligence can transform data into valuable insights that serve consumers and brands alike. As we step into a future disrupted by AI, our roles as marketers will be forever changed.

The Tidbit

AI can turn data into insight; marketing leaders must put that insight into action.

The Balance

The more we can learn about consumers’ behavior through powerful technologies like AI, the better equipped we are to create the personalized marketing experiences they demand. Yet marketers must ensure their messaging remains relevant, appropriate and non-intrusive. As brands and consumers forge closer connections through the power of AI, trust is more important than ever.

My Take

  • Targeted insights from artificial intelligence allow brands to see deeper into consumers’ lives.
  • Marketing teams that rely on AI for data-driven research secure major efficiency advantages.
  • AI empowers marketers to measure their campaigns’ effectiveness and adapt in real time.
  • AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants offer new convenience for consumers and resource savings for businesses.

Long Story Short

Artificial intelligence won’t replace a talented marketer’s creative instincts, at least not any time soon. But brands that respect this wellspring of insight can put it to work, amplifying new ideas and cementing their leadership roles in an industry that will be transformed for good.

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