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Cyber & Risk Summit Keynote

Nicholas Thompson, CEO The Atlantic and Former Editor-in-Chief Wired

Nicholas Thompson, CEO The Atlantic and Former Editor-in-Chief Wired gives us the scoop on the future of digital and breaks down the seven trade-offs that we should be aware of when it comes to adopting new tech.

The Impact of the Digital Shift in Shaping the Future of Payments and Beyond

After an unprecedented year of change, we'll hear from leading experts on the rapid shift to digital and changing consumer behaviour. We'll look at technology today and the technologies of tomorrow as we consider how to remove risk and enable trust in a digital environment.

Speakers: Nicholas Thompson, CEO The Atlantic / Former Editor-in-Chief Wired; Sadie Creese, Professor of Cybersecurity, University of Oxford; Bob Reany, EVP, Digital Devices and IOT; Moderated by: Paul Trueman, SVP, Product Advancement

Psychology of Scams Guest speaker

Dr. Elisabeth Carter brings to life the human manipulation and exploitation behind the financial loss of romance scams. Using actual cases she'll provide insights into key techniques that fraudsters use, and how to protect against them. Speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Carter, Criminologist and Forensic Linguist, University of Roehampton.

Real-Time Payment Scams in Today's Digital Landscape

With the COVID-19 crisis accelerating the adoption of digital banking and payments, fraudsters find greater opportunities to attack. In this discussion, learn about these scams and how financial institutions can leverage a multi-layered approach to stay ahead of the fraudsters.

Speakers: David Rich, EVP; Vocalink; Gaston Huerta, Director of Fraud, Citibanamex; Moderator: Ian Mitchell, Founder & Board Chairman, The Knoble

Don’t Let Your Weakest Link Be Your Supply Chain

While many companies understand how to thwart threats and manage vulnerabilities within their own infrastructure, a critical area is being missed. 80% of cyber attacks now begin in the supply chain, and these breaches affecting the smallest partners and vendors can have enormous implications for large organizations. Join Mastercard and Oxford to discuss best practices for reducing supply chain risk in 2021 and beyond.

Speakers: ‘Dr. J’ Alissa Abdullah, SVP, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer; Kelly White, CEO, RiskRecon; Moderator: David Shrier, Co-founder and CEO, Esme Learning Solutions

The Multi-rail Navigation: Driving New Insights and Capabilities Across Payment Flows

A look into connecting insights across multiple payment rails and intelligence to drive improved customer decisions and outcomes.

Speakers: Luke Reynolds, SVP, Cybersecurity Standard & Solutions; David Divitt, VP, Product Management; Claire Riley, Fraud Prevention Manager, NatWest.

Cyber Security in 2021 and a Look to the Future

Cybercrime continues to grow more costly to organizations as they face an expanding threat landscape. Thought leaders discuss the latest trends and the impact to business and internal security.

Speakers: Sharon Barber, Group Chief Security Officer, Lloyds Banking Group; Lisa Lee, Chief Security Advisor, Global Lead for Financial Services, Microsoft; Kiersten Todt, Managing Director, Cyber Readiness Institute; Moderator: Johan Gerber, EVP, Security & Cyber Innovation