Beyond access: A look into the drivers of long-term financial health

April 18, 2024

According to the World Bank’s latest Global Findex Database, approximately 75% of the world’s adults have an account.

That number has grown significantly over the past several years, which is a sign of real progress in the pursuit to bring more people into the formal financial system and create an inclusive, digital economy that works for everyone.

But that rise in access has not corresponded with a rise in the full use of the associated tools and services that put people on a path towards a more secure sense of financial health. We set out to understand why.

In this innovative study, Mastercard and Nubank partnered to investigate the needs, preferences, attitudes, goals and behaviors of millions of consumers. Through a combination of qualitative interviews, surveys of 2,000 Nubank customers and Brazilian consumers and granular analysis of three years of aggregated and pseudonymized transactional and behavioral data from over 3.6 million Nubank customers, we’ve gathered a rich set of insights to inform how we can collectively close the gap between account access and a sense of sustainable financial security and health. 

White paper

Beyond access: A look into the drivers of long-term financial health

A rich study from Mastercard and Nubank combines insights and data from millions of consumers to map the financial inclusion journey and chart a path to sustainable financial health.

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