Cybersecurity: Building trust in our digital age

June 7, 2023

As technology transforms our everyday lives it brings a host of opportunities. Generative AI bots, smart internet-of-things powered devices, and the technology behind the virtual workforce have sparked levels of innovation that have never been seen before. At the same time this unparalleled digitization poses new challenges for cyber leaders. 

That’s why we wanted to get an unrivalled perspective on the risks associated with today’s technology trends, as well as to understand their views on the types of solution that are helping them adapt to the threats and to become cognizant of the extent to which business is ready to invest in cybersecurity. 

Earlier this year Aite-Novarica completed surveys and interviews with cybersecurity leaders from financial services firms and merchants in eight countries.

The findings are revelatory. These technologies are supercharging cybersecurity solutions. AI, in particular, is generating excitement among leaders, although it’s accepted that further innovation is required before it fulfils its potential. 

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