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The creator class: How micro business is fueling the next wave of entrepreneurialism

January 27, 2023

Accelerated growth of small businesses can in part be attributed to the emergence of a so-called "creator class", consisting of digital content creators and entrepreneurs. While the gig economy and the age of influencers have been around for more than a decade, the pandemic created a confluence of desire to follow passion-driven work and acceleration across digital platforms.

Creators are digital-first entrepreneurs, sometimes earning multiple revenue streams, curating content and building community around their offerings; they are highly trusted and relatable to their audiences, giving them agency to influence key consumer decisions. Given the global creator class is estimated at over $100 billion and is poised to further grow, there’s opportunity to tap into a needs-based approach to better understand and serve this unique cohort.  

This report dives deeper into who these creators are, why they create and where brands can better serve and support their growth.