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Virtual is reality: The great unfolding of the metaverse

December 15, 2022

The year 2023 is set to bring new, exciting technological adoption to consumers and the way they engage, connect and shop in the metaverse. In the future, this acceleration will surely become more prolific and more seamlessly integrated in our everyday lives — a true paradigm shift. Predicted to be as large as $13 trillion dollars by 2030, with up to five billion users, the metaverse has an opportunity to create a “twin economy”, merging our physical and virtual worlds.  

This consumer-led study assesses adoption, interest, and future potential engagement of the metaverse in varying areas of their lives. It also encompasses navigating how consumers see the metaverse intersecting with entertainment, travel, retail or consumer packaged goods and healthcare, as well as uncovering opportunities to fuel commerce and cultivate transactions with trust.  

With 70% of consumers saying they are “looking for brands to help them understand the metaverse and give them room to explore,” we must all take part in learning about the metaverse. Take action with eight key opportunities for brands to win in the metaverse.