Cybersecurity innovation proliferates across the venture landscape

November 17, 2020

The drastic digital shift to remote workflows and the surge in e-commerce have underlined the need for digital security. A new report, produced by PitchBook for Mastercard Start Path and Mastercard’s Cyber & Intelligence business, shares insights into how corporate and startup innovation is tackling cybersecurity challenges brought on by COVID-19 and the acceleration of digital.

Deep diving into three key segments – fintech and cybersecurity, digital commerce and identity, and cybersecurity and the Internet of Things – the report addresses the intersection of corporate and startup innovation as well as venture investment and broader industry shifts. 2020 is on pace for record VC investment, exceeding $8 billion. Although corporations have played an integral role in cybersecurity, the bulk of innovation still is derived from smaller and newer players which is why involving key players in the most recent Start Path wave will continue the necessary advancement in cyber security technologies.