Package of goods worth 1 million lei donated to Ukrainian refugees in Romania by Mastercard, Banca Transilvania, eMAG, and Mobexpert

March 14, 2022 | By James Issokson
The donated package will be delivered to Ukrainian refugees via the Romanian Department of Emergency Situations
The products will support over 75,000 Ukrainian refugees currently in Romania

Bucharest, March 14th 2022: Mastercard has partnered with Banca Transilvania, eMAG and Mobexpert to donate a package of goods worth 1 million lei – over €202,000 – to Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

The support package – which includes bed linen, blankets, refrigerated containers, mattresses, personal hygiene products, external batteries, and torches – has been compiled to protect the day-to-day well-being of over 75,000 Ukranian refugees that are currently in Romania.

The package will be distributed to Ukranian refugees – both those travelling through Romania and those preparing for a longer-term stay – via the Romanian Department for Emergency Situations.

“Following the Russian invasion of their country, many Ukrainians have left their lives behind and face a future filled with uncertainty. In such moments, collective solidarity and compassion is critical and transcends borders, as demonstrated by the daily generosity of Romanians welcoming Ukranians to their country with open arms. We hope this donation can support as many people as possible”, said Cosmin Vladimirescu, Country Manager for Mastercard in Croatia and Romania.

“The Romanian people have shown an impressive solidarity in helping the refugees. And companies must act likewise. We have always found in eMAG, Mobexpert and Mastercard openness from all points of view. We have done good together before, when the pandemic started and in other several occasions, we will do the same now. We donate thinking about those who need us and hoping for a better tomorrow”, said Omer Tetik, CEO Banca Transilvania .

"As we see families of Romanians offering shelter to their Ukrainian neighbours who had to leave everything behind, we, the private sector, also have a duty to of care to the countless victims of this tragedy. We are doing our best to support refugees through donations such as this, and we appeal to more organisations to join us”, said Tudor Manea, CEO of eMAG.

"The threat of a war taking place so close to our country was inconceivable until recently. The pain forced upon our Ukrainian neighbours cannot leave us indifferent. Any help is welcome and we all have an obligation to get involved", said Dan Șucu, President of Mobexpert.



Photo of James Issokson
James Issokson, SVP Europe Communications, Mastercard