Mastercard and Barraqueiro Group announce partnership to improve urban mobility in Portugal

February 23, 2022 | By Gabriela Saltiel
The partnership will transform the mobility sector through innovative digital and technological solutions
It will also focus on smart payment systems, which have improved public transport efficiency and enhanced user experience in other countries

Lisbon, February 23, 2022 – Mastercard and Barraqueiro Group have joined forces to transform Portugal’s urban mobility sector and drive the implementation of smart payment systems. 

The multi-initiative partnership will boost the quality and efficiency of urban public transport systems in Portugal by simplifying ticket purchases and increasing the prevalence of contactless payments. The goal of the partnership is to improve overall passenger satisfaction among both residents and tourists.  

The first venture under the partnership involves Fertagus, a company that is part of Barraqueiro Group company and that operates Lisbon's suburban rail service. The collaboration will accelerate the adoption of on-board contactless payment terminals and allow tickets to be bought with bank cards.

The use of technology to simplify payments and increase efficiency and convenience is key to providing a smooth travel experience and satisfaction for passengers. This is critical to increasing the use of public transport, which has proven clear benefits on quality of life in urban areas.  

Mastercard has also partnered with Ubirider, a Portuguese start-up that provides Mobility-as-a-Service offerings to transport operators. The company's Pick-Hub app enables users to buy tickets or store their monthly travel pass with ease and security. All passengers need to do – from the comfort of their own home – is upload their transport card to their mobile device.  

“We know the importance of technology in people's daily lives, including the integration into transport services," says Artur Pedrosa, group director at Barraqueiro Group. "Our partnership with Mastercard will initially involve Fertagus, whose railways link both sides of the Tagus River. It will then be gradually extended to other Group companies to easily connect passengers to their preferred form of transport. Our partnership with Mastercard, one of the global leaders in electronic payments, will also bring contactless payments into Barraqueiro Group's urban operation and benefit more than 300 million passengers a year. This will enable customers to benefit from technology that will seamlessly connect them to their transport operator via a Mobility-as-a-Service system."  

“We are excited to partner with Barraqueiro Group to develop innovative technological solutions that will positively impact the lives of every public transport user, making mobility simpler and more convenient," says Maria Antónia Saldanha, Country Manager Portugal, Mastercard. "Purchasing transport tickets is a fundamental part of this experience. By simplifying payments and promoting the adoption of technology that is already part of our everyday lives, such as contactless payments, we will make our transport systems more efficient and create a better and more comfortable user experience. Barraqueiro Group is a leader in mobility in Portugal and is therefore the ideal partner to take this sector forward and to offer global services that can position Portugal as a global leader in transport.” 

Mastercard is a global leader in bringing together public and private partners to co-develop and promote sustainable urban development to make cities smarter. The company has worked with more than 250 cities around the world to provide integrated urban services and value-creating solutions for local communities, enabling a more efficient flow of people and better use of limited public resources.  

A leading example is Mastercard’s collaboration with New York City to transform the city’s transport network with a new mobile ticketing solution. The solution enables passengers to browse, buy and display tickets for inspection via a smartphone. Mastercard’s expertise in solutions to improve the mobility ecosystem has also had a beneficial impact in cities such as Bangkok, London, Milan, Prague, and Singapore, where 50% of travel is currently paid for using contactless cards or mobile devices.   


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About the Barraqueiro Group

The Barraqueiro Group is the largest operator of public, road and rail transport in Portugal, contributing to the mobility of the country's population. It comprises a diverse group of companies in Portugal, Brazil and Angola, and employs around 9,000 people. The group's more than 4,500 road, rail and metro, and river passenger and freight vehicles annually travel more than 200 million kilometres, transporting 300 million people. In Portugal the Barraqueiro Group operates the following public passenger transport companies: Barraqueiro Transportes, Rede Expressos, Lisbon Bus Station, Alentejo Bus Station, Trevo, Isidoro Duarte and Cityrama. It also operates four rail transport companies: Fertagus, Viaporto, the Porto Metro, and MTS.

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