Gránit Bank becomes first commercial bank to make Mastercard Carbon Calculator available to its customers

November 18, 2021 | By Anna Marciniak

From now on the bank's customers can track the carbon footprint of their purchases using the mobile banking app.

Budapest - Gránit Bank is one of the first banks in the world who introduced the Mastercard carbon calculator on 15th November 2021, which allows cardholders to view the environmental impact of their purchases through their mobile bank. The Carbon Calculator was developed by Mastercard, together with Swedish fintech Doconomy, to help inform consumer spending and encourage more climate conscious spending choices.

In the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) Mastercard announced that it will accelerate its net zero greenhouse gas emissions roadmap by one decade, from 2050 to 2040. European and Latin American banks are pioneers of the sustainable solution: in addition to Granit Bank they were the first to sign up to the Mastercard Carbon Calculator. Gránit Bank has already rolled out the function to its own customers. The Carbon Calculator is based on the Åland Index from Doconomy, which estimates the carbon footprint of each card transaction from actual carbon emissions data of the largest companies and industry averages.

"We are very proud when Hungarian banks, such as Gránit Bank, are among the first in the world to make innovative solutions available to their customers. Congratulations to Gránit Bank for this exemplary step to promote environmental awareness among their customers. We very much hope that more banking services such as this will help people make sustainability-conscious choices when shopping, as it is in our common interest to protect our planet" - said Endre Eölyüs, Director of Mastercard Hungary and Slovenia.

"By choosing Granit Bank as their digital platform provider, customers are already preserving the environment, as they avoid using significant amounts of paper and CO2 emissions when banking online. With the new feature available in the bank's mobile app, the Eco Calculator, they can take their environmental awareness to the next level. We are delighted that Gránit Bank is the first commercial bank in the world to offer its customers the possibility to track the CO2 emissions of their everyday life, based on their personalized card purchases. In addition, with the help of a Hungarian foundation, they can easily offset their emissions by deciding to plant trees that efficiently absorb CO2 through a few clicks and even monitor the CO2 neutralizing effect of their own trees on a daily basis. The new solution will spark a green revolution in finance." - emphasized Péter Jendrolovics, Managing Director of Granit Bank and Head of Retail Banking.

According to a recent Mastercard survey, 85% of respondents worldwide said they would be willing to take personal action to tackle environmental and sustainability challenges in 2021. Forthcoming research from Mastercard also shows that our society is at a tipping point in terms of both the supply and demand of sustainable options.

As part of its net zero strategy, Mastercard had already committed to meet its existing science-based targets (SBTi) for greenhouse gas reduction, which are aligned to the United Nations Business Ambition for a 1.5°C future. The company transitioned to 100% renewable energy in 2018 for its operations, and its emission reduction strategy primarily centers on further decarbonization across its value chain.

With the support of its new Global Sustainability Innovation Lab, the company aims to inspire 2.9 billion Mastercard card users worldwide to take tangible action for the planet. This will include banks offering their customers digital tools that encourage climate-conscious choices. Alongside the Mastercard Carbon Calculator, these include encouraging the issuance of cards made from alternative materials.

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About Gránit Bank

Since its foundation in 2010, GRÁNIT Bank has been implementing a digital model in its retail business, serving its customers through electronic channels without a branch network. In 2021, among other things, it has completed the online application process for the baby loan by contracting the loan in Videobank, and has digitized all the steps of the application process for the market mortgage and the NHP Green Home Loan, as allowed by law. An important element of this is the innovative online loan pre-qualification calculator.  All the convenience services of the AFR system, including payment requests to other banks and the MNB standard QR code-based payment, are available at the bank since 2020, as well as full retail bank account opening with selfie identification and the GRÁNIT Digital Card Service. In 2020, GRÁNIT Bank was again awarded "Most Innovative Bank of the Year" (shared) and "Premium Banking Service of the Year" in the Mastercard Bank of the Year competition, as well as "Sustainable Bank of the Year". The Bank became a Superbrands 2021 and was eligible to use the Outstanding Digital Credit Institution trademark.

GRÁNIT Bank's total assets exceeded HUF 573 billion in 2020, strengthening its position among medium-sized banks.

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