Valerie Nowak, EVP Product and Innovation, Mastercard Europe discusses Recovery, solutions and what’s next in the payments industry

July 6, 2021 | By Nila Moloney

Last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the event’s themes explored the role that technology played, and indeed continues to play, as we emerge from a COVID world, into our ‘new normal’ and beyond. Valerie Nowak, Executive Vice President of Product & Innovation, Mastercard Europe, sat down for an interview with Finextra TV’s Hannah Wallace where she discussed our role in connecting more people than ever before to the digital economy. She talked about our strategy remaining same throughout the Recovery phase by offering consumers safe, secure and convenient solutions.  And, how she believes ‘the future is now’ when it comes to emerging technologies such as 5G, Edge Computing and AI. Tune in to hear more about Valerie’s thoughts on the future of payments:

Nila Moloney, Director, Communications, Mastercard