Mastercard Responds to Historic Flooding Across Europe

July 19, 2021 | By James Issokson

This past week’s historic floods across Europe affected thousands and devastated families and communities across the region, requiring emergency services and relief efforts. To help relief services, Mastercard is announcing a €500,000 donation to the Red Cross in the disaster areas.

Mark Barnett, President, Mastercard Europe said, ‘We have a responsibility to help those impacted by this historic event. We understand that so many are facing a difficult time, and that many will be rebuilding their lives for months and years to come. We stand together with those affected during this period of recovery, and offer up our extensive network to aid them in the rebuilding for a brighter future.”

Mastercard has a large presence in Europe, including our regional headquarters in Belgium, and major operations in Germany and across the continent. Mastercard will also be launching web-based consumer donation platforms in Germany and Belgium where Mastercard cardholders can donate to the local Red Cross organizations. For each euro donated, Mastercard will match those donations up to €100,000 in Germany and €50,000 in Belgium.

Mastercard will also be expanding its retail search tool, in the affected regions to help residents find which stores and businesses are open in their communities. With a large employee base in the region, Mastercard employees can also donate to relief efforts with the company matching 1:1 on all donations through the end of September.

Photo of James Issokson
James Issokson, SVP Europe Communications, Mastercard