Aurionpro Transit and Mastercard to provide fast and convenient digital payment solutions for commuters

October 30, 2023 | Mumbai, India
The new partnership will work towards integrating Mastercard solutions with Aurionpro Transit’s Automatic Fare Collection technology to simplify mobility and offer a seamless public transport experience

Mastercard has partnered with Aurionpro Transit, a leading global provider of smart ticketing and payment systems, to provide commuters with a next-generation contactless payment method for public transport.

The partnership brings integrated digital payment innovation to urban mobility across the region, providing commuters with a fast, convenient and secure payment experience across all forms of public transportation, including trains, buses, bikes, scooters, taxis, ride-hailing and more.

Commuters will be able to tap-and-go using any digital wallet paired with a Mastercard card, making travel simpler, faster and more efficient. Mastercard’s open-loop solutions ensure commuters can utilize the same digital wallet across all transit modes and in numerous cities, eliminating the need for multiple cards or regular top-ups.

For transit agencies and authorities, the partnership enhances their ability to design and deploy user-friendly payment solutions and provide their commuters with a seamless and convenient travel experience.

Speaking about the association, Sanjay Bali, CEO Aurionpro Transit, said: "We are thrilled to join hands with Mastercard, the global leader in urban mobility payment solutions. This collaboration marks our mutual commitment to drive the widespread adoption of smart public mobility solutions, delivering cutting-edge technologies and integrated ticketing and payment solutions to transport authorities and operators worldwide. With Mastercard's renowned expertise in urban mobility payments and our dedication to innovation, we aim to simplify and enhance the travel experience for commuters across all modes of transportation, ushering in a new era in contactless Tap n Go solutions. We’re optimistic that our partnership will redefine the future of digital mobility, taking urban transit to new heights."

Kok Kee Lim, Senior Vice President, Government Engagement, Mastercard Asia Pacific, said: "Our partnership with Aurionpro Transit signifies a pivotal step towards realizing our combined vision for the future of urban mobility payments. This vision extends beyond borders, opening doors to global opportunities in the dynamic domains of mobility ticketing, micro-mobility, and payment solutions. Together, we aspire to create a world where each journey seamlessly unfolds as a contactless experience, reshaping the way people travel globally. With steadfast dedication and innovation as our driving forces, we are set to pioneer advanced technologies, delivering integrated ticketing and payment solutions on a global scale."

The new strategic alliance is part of the shared commitment of both companies to advance digital payment solutions in the area of smart mobility.

Mastercard works with its urban mobility partners across the globe to apply digital payment innovation to transit environments in order to provide commuters with fast, frictionless, convenient and secure payment experiences across whichever travel mode they choose.

At the same time, Aurionpro Transit's Automatic Fare Collection system, contactless card reader (ECR), and transit ticketing expertise is helping transit authorities and government agencies around the world to implement efficient, end-to-end digital transport management systems.

Over the next five years, the combined expertise of Aurionpro Transit  and Mastercard will strengthen the development of innovative ticketing technologies, helping to define the future of digital mobility and improve the overall travel experience for commuters worldwide.

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