Mastercard and Optus Bring Digital Identity to the Australian Telecommunications Industry

November 17, 2020 | SYDNEY | By Barkha Patel
Optus to integrate Mastercard’s digital identity service, ID, across mobile, telesales and retail channels, enabling customers to simply and securely validate their identity online and in-store

Mastercard and Optus today announced a strategic partnership to provide customers a simpler and more secure way to prove their identity online and in-store. In using ID, the Mastercard digital identity service, Optus will strengthen its identity verification and authentication process while retaining its best-in-class, digital-first customer experience.

As Australia’s first telco to integrate ID into its customer experience, Optus will progressively offer the service to its nearly six million customers who have downloaded the My Optus app. Its introduction will enable customers to create a secure, reusable and verified digital identity that can be used when purchasing a new device, making account changes, buying additional services and more.

“Optus’ partnership with Mastercard provides our customers with the option to embrace the benefits of a digital identity, not only when they interact with us, but with other organisations too. ID solves pain points for our customers, such as protecting their identity, while at the same time simplifying the verification of their identity, giving them more control over their personal information and streamlining transactions,” said Vaughan Paul, Optus Vice President, Digital Consumer.

The partnership will provide Optus customers with a non-paper based, safe and convenient way to verify their identity, replacing traditional processes involving physical documents such as passports or driving licenses. Mastercard’s digital identity service gives the customer full control over what information is shared and can only be accessed once the user verifies their identity using the biometric capabilities built into their mobile device.

Effective identity verification is an important measure in tackling SIM-related fraud such as SIM swapping, which research suggests has increased by 400% since 2015 in some countries[1]. By using ID to verify a customer’s identity for such requests, Optus joins a small group of proactive, multi-national organisations that are implementing biometrics to safeguard SIM registrations.

“Mastercard and Optus are working closely to engineer a truly unique experience for customers that will better protect their personal identity information while enhancing their seamless onboarding and checkout experience,” said Richard Wormald, Division President, Mastercard Australasia. “Bringing Optus, one of Australia’s most trusted telco brands, into the ID ecosystem is an exciting step in Mastercard’s digital journey. The partnership is a testament to the trust industry leaders and innovators are placing in Mastercard’s global framework.”

“This collaboration builds on Mastercard’s commitment to improve how people manage and use their digital identity, providing a more efficient way to interact with businesses and service providers in the physical and digital worlds. Collaborating with trusted technology providers, such as Optus, is critical for Mastercard as we advance the delivery of a globally scalable digital identity service,” adds Ajay Bhalla, President, Cyber and Intelligence at Mastercard.

The partnership brings together the respective strengths of each organisation – Optus’ commitment to provide customers with options and improved experiences, and Mastercard’s expertise in securely orchestrating digital interactions in a global multi-stakeholder ecosystem.

Mastercard will continue to scale its digital identity service over the coming months. The company has previously announced partnerships with Deakin University and Australia PostSamsung and Microsoft, and will continue to collaborate with like-minded organisations in developing digital identity solutions in Australia and around the world.

Please visit to learn more about Mastercard’s vision for digital identity.

[1] Sim-swap fraud: how criminals hijack your number to get into your bank accounts,

Barkha Patel, Vice President, Communications, International Markets (IMK), Mastercard

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