Mastercard Engage Expands into LAC, Accelerating Access to Innovative Payment Technology

Miami, FL | April 29, 2019

Platform makes it easier for banks and merchants to locate qualified tech partners in compliance with Mastercard and industry standards

As part of its ongoing efforts to help financial institutions and merchants unlock new opportunities in innovation, Mastercard is making it easier for these companies to find qualified payment technology partners by expanding its Mastercard Engage platform throughout the LAC region. When banks and merchants seek to innovate and improve their customer experience, they often rely on the support and expertise of technology experts outside their organizations to build and test their solutions across channels and devices. Connecting with the right technology partner is a crucial first step.

“Establishing efficiencies in the match process between all our partners is key to building the future of payments together,” said Ben Dessy, Mastercard Global Head of Engage. “In fact, the benefits of expanding Engage throughout the world are twofold as it helps banks and merchants collaborate with a reliable partner while it also unlocks growth opportunities for qualifying technology partners.”

Technology partners who are part of the Mastercard Engage directory have indicated their capabilities in different areas including, deploying digital wallets, enabling tokenization, security solutions, and commercial payment controls according to Mastercard specifications and industry standards. Qualified and vetted by Mastercard, many are actively serving as the company’s partners at global and regional levels. Today, more than 160 technology partners from LAC, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and North America comprise the directory.

Banks and merchants that decide to work with qualified vendors in Mastercard Engage will likely eliminate the need to experiment with unfamiliar technologies on their own, reducing the risk of long troubleshooting periods during project development, and increase their speed to market.

“We’re committed to maintaining an easy and secure ecosystem for those who bring innovations to life,” said Walter Pimenta, LAC Vice President of Digital Solutions. “When you consider the exponential growth of e-commerce in LAC, the platform can prove to be helpful as we work with our partners to extend the security of online payments and improve the consumer experience in line with the latest industry standards.”

The expansion announcement was first made during Mastercard’s first Engage Forum tailored for LAC technology partners in Miami, FL on April 24. The invite-only event provided critical region-specific product and strategic information to help their business development and product management efforts in the markets. Banks, merchants and future service providers interested in learning more can visit, Mastercard Engage ( for additional information.

Andrea Denadai

Corporate Communications & Reputation, Latin America & the Caribbean
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