Maya Morsy


Dr Maya Morsy took office as President of Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) in February 2016. NCW is Egypt’s highest national machinery entrusted with formulating and monitoring national plans for the women’s advancement. She has also served as the Regional Advisor on Gender Policies and Programs in UNDP’s Regional Center for Arab States in Cairo, responsible for providing policy advice and technical support for women’s empowerment in planning and public budgets, and the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of regional and national strategies and plans for the advancement of women in the Arab region. With over twenty years of dedicated service in this field, she was also the Head of the Egypt Country Office of the United Nations Fund For Women; UNIFEM Project Coordinator; Consultant for the Girls Education and Empowerment Project of the Ministry of Education in Egypt; and Project Officer in the Sustainable Human Development Platform for Action and Monitoring.