Mastercard and Ukrainian brand BEVZA launch limited-edition jewelry capsule collection exclusively on

Collection embraces kalyna, a traditional Ukrainian symbol of resilience, with proceeds going to charity

Kyiv, August 7, 2023 — Today, Mastercard announces a partnership with Ukrainian fashion brand BEVZA to launch KALYNA, a limited-edition jewelry capsule collection. Building on the company’s focus on supporting the Ukrainian people—and empowering Ukrainian entrepreneurship—the collection was designed to spotlight Ukrainian culture and artistry. The collection is available exclusively for Mastercard cardholders on*.

The KALYNA capsule collection was created by renowned Ukrainian designer Svitlana Bevza and consists of a pin, a pendant, and a pair of earrings that combine kalyna with the iconic Mastercard symbol. Kalyna, or the red viburnum tree, has been a cultural symbol for Ukrainians for centuries. Ubiquitous in folklore and in family traditions, it embodies female beauty, love and maternity, as well as unity, dignity and resilience, as its red berries can survive through harsh winter conditions.

KALYNA jewelry capsule is available exclusively on the Mastercard Priceless platform at Each piece was designed and produced in Kyiv, Ukraine. The production of KALYNA jewelry is zero waste, as all the metal leftovers are 100% upcycled into new pieces.

All of the net proceeds from the KALYNA capsule will support the Ukraine House DC Foundation to finance prosthetics and rehabilitation programs for Ukrainian children injured in the war.

“Preserving a sense of hope and inspiration is equally integral and challenging during times of war. This is why I’m especially proud of our partnership with Mastercard,” says designer Svitlana Bevza. “Red viburnum is a very special spiritual heirloom for Ukrainians. We aspire to share this symbolism with the wider world, uniting people around supporting Ukraine and discovering its cultural roots’.

 “Our focus at Mastercard is to connect people to their passions, their purpose – and each other,” said Beatrice Cornacchia, executive vice president, EEMEA marketing and communications, Mastercard. “We are proud to collaborate on such a special capsule with Svitlana Bevza, giving our cardholders a unique opportunity to support Ukraine while embracing its unique cultural heritage. Only by working together can we drive real impact.”

This is not the first time Mastercard has collaborated with BEVZA. In 2021, BEVZA debuted the “Mastercard Edition,” an urban streetwear capsule collection.  

This is one of the latest in Mastercard’s ongoing efforts to support the Ukrainian people and the country’s economy. This includes helping banks ensure the resilience of their infrastructure, provide mobile-only banking and expand cashless services such as person-to-person transactions. In 2022, Mastercard also launched the award-winning Where to Settle site to help Ukrainian refugees identify cities throughout Poland where they could settle with their families based on factors such as cost of living, rent and salaries, as well as employment and apartment rental offers.

 *The jewelry capsule will be available for purchase by cardholders in Austria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States.